Facts about Hämeenkyrö

Total area 505 sq km, of which 464 sq km land and 41 sq km water
Population approximately 10700, of whom 60 % live in the town center
Municipal tax rate 21 % in 2016
Number of summer cottages in Hämeenkyrö 1392
Number of businesses in Hämeenkyrö 821

Manager Antero Alenius
Neighboring towns Ikaalinen, Nokia, Sastamala and Ylöjärvi
Distance to Tampere 40 km, to Helsinki 220 km, to Vaasa 200 km, to Jyväskylä 185 km.

Hämeenkyrö, as "Kyrö", was first mentioned in government records over 700 years ago.

Hämeenkyrö is a nice place to live in

The Hämeenkyrö municipality is part of the Pirkanmaa province and the Tampere region. Hämeenkyrö has two centers, Kirkonkylä (“the church village”) and Kyröskoski, about three kilometers apart. Between the town centers there is an industrial area, Tippavaara, with various businesses and shops. The population of Hämeenkyrö is approximately 10700 and growing by about a hundred annually. Highway 3, which passes through the town, is a national main highway and many inhabitants use it to commute to Tampere or surrounding towns.

Administration and health care services

Administration and offices for most of the municipal services are located in the Town Hall and the rest are nearby. The social services office also offers access to a computer for using the services of Kela and the unemployment services and assistance in doing so if necessary.

The health center is located near the highway in Kirkonkylä, across the street from the Town Hall. As well as doctor’s appointments the health center offers emergency medical aid on weekdays during office hours. On weekday evenings and weekends Hämeenkyrö health center shares emergency duty with the neighboring town of Ikaalinen on alternate weeks. Night-time emergency medical help is available in Acuta in Tampere.

Quality of life

The Hämeenkyrö library, adult education center, sports services, youth services, culture services and museums are now administered collectively as Quality of life services.

During 2016 the library, Kirkonkylä school, Kirkonkylä day care services, the adult education center and the Pirkanmaa music institute will move to the brand new community center called Silta. The old school and library building will be demolished after the move.

The Hämeenkyrö library is part of the Piki network which consists of all the municipal libraries in Pirkanmaa. Customers can borrow books from any library in the network with their own Piki card. Hämeenkyrö also has a library bus which brings library services to the more distant parts of town.

There are two adult education providers in Hämeenkyrö; the Hämeenkyrö adult education center, which is part of the municipal Quality of life services, and the smaller Kyröskoski center operated by settlement house Kyröskoskela.

Hämeenkyrö has a youth council which organizes events and gives the young a voice in municipal decision making. Youth services maintains an open youth club in Kyröskoski, in Koskilinna. Specialized youth workers help temporarily stalled young people to find work or a place to study and a direction for their lives.

Hämeenkyrö culture services organizes cultural events for people of all ages with an emphasis on children and young people, in cooperation with schools and day care services. The town also has three museums: Myllykolu which is the birthplace of our very own Nobel Prize winning author F. E. Sillanpää, the smithy of gunsmith Ahlfors and the impressive Hämeenkyrö local museum which has a large collection of various objects used in the daily life in the past decades and centuries.


Education is available in Hämeenkyrö from early education up to lukio (general education, grades 10 to 12) and vocational school. There are four day care centers in various parts of the town and five elementary schools for grades 1 to 6. There are about 800 students in all elementary schools combined. The town has a secondary or middle school for grades 7 to 9 which shares space with lukio. The school buildings were extensively renovated in 2010 and now they have a modern appearance inside and out with state-of-the-art teaching equipment.

Vocational institute Iisakki is now a part of Sasky, Sastamala municipal education and training consortium. Pirkanmaa General Upper Secondary College offers lessons also in Hämeenkyrö.

Meeting and greeting

In the summer one of the greatest things about Saturday mornings is the busy market in Kyröskoski. In Kirkonkylä we have Kehäkukka, a charming old schoolhouse/shop/cafe with a tourist information office. More info about sights and attractions at http://maisematie.fi.